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Boiler Installation

We believe that your boiler is at the heart of the home. It is important to not only choose a boiler you can trust, but also an installer who has your best interests at heart.


Home Comforts

Boilers Ireland works with trusted boiler brands; skillfully installing the most reliable units for your home.

Finding a reliable company in your locality used to be tough, but not with

Our skilled team of professionals are here to supply an unrivaled customer experience, whether you're looking for information on a Boiler Installation or seeking Boiler installers near you, a new Boiler, Gas or Oil boiler installers nearby, or a heating system installation, we have you covered.


Our in-house team of Boiler installers will, after gathering all relevant information from you,provide you with the best options to suit your warming requirements. Our installation process is hassle-free, and we work tirelessly to guarantee your new boiler is up and running properly, supplying you with dependable and consistent warmth.


We provide a vast range of the newest and most energy-efficient boiler types available. Upgrade your heating system and experience the advantages of current technology that not only keeps you warm but also drastically decreases energy consumption and saves on utility bills.


For customers seeking a Gas boiler installers near me, we offer a Gas Certified team of gas boiler installers available nearby.

Boiler Types

Ideal Gas Boiler Sample.png

Ideal Boilers have stood head and shoulders above their competitors.

When it comes to the world of oil boilers, Grant Engineering has been at the forefront of the industry for over 40 years.

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