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Oil Boilers

Throughout the years, the Boilers Ireland Team has fitted hundreds of boilers from a range of trusted Irish manufactures.

Home Comforts

Boilers Ireland works with trusted boiler brands; skillfully installing the most reliable units for your home.

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All Oil Packages Come With

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm


When it comes to the world of oil boilers, one name has been at the forefront of the industry for just over 40 years - Grant Engineering.

An Irish owned company widely regarded as a market leader in the design and manufacturer of oil boilers and other heating products, Grant has been a pioneer within the industry. Their constant revolutionary developments have brought the old inefficient oil boilers up to today's high standards, with nearly 92% efficiency achieved on most models.


We recommend them to all of our oil boiler clients for their

  • Reliability

  • Durability

  • Energy efficiency

  • 5 Year manufacturer warranty

  • Aftersales technical support

*Boilers Ireland have no affiliation to Grant and promote their Boilers purely on there outstanding performance and reliability.

Lite Package

  • "A" Rated Condensing Boiler

  • Magna Clense Filtration System

  • Digital Smart Heating Controls

Lite Package Benefits

If you are installing your first heating system, then the Lite Boiler Package is for you. The Ideal boiler range offers what you'll need for a cozy space. The digital smart heating controls helps you adjust the temperature to your preference without any fuss.

Standard Package Benefits

For the more on-the-go household, the Standard Boiler Package will be perfect. Adjusting temperatures through your phone via an app gives you more freedom and flexibility and the 1-year free service warranty provides peace of mind.

Standard Package

  • Everything in the "Lite Package"

  • Plus: App Controlled Heating

  • Plus: 1st Year Free Boiler Service

Premium Package

  • Everything in the "Standard Package"

  • Plus: Zoned Heating Controls

  • Plus: 1st and 2nd Year Free Boiler Service

Premium Package Benefits

As your life and needs change and expand, your boiler should change with you. If you are considering a boiler unit upgrade, then the Premium Boiler Package is the best one to go for. Adjust different temperature setting in the rooms in your home for tailored comfort. Your free service warranty is also good for 2 years!

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